Radial Hotshot Abi Line Input Selector

by Radial

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The Radial Engineering ABi Line Input Selector is a highly useful input switch for recording or stage use. Built to take abuse with a chassis made of 14-gauge steel, the Hotshot ABi has a number of applications. You can use it to switch between two microphones on stage, between two audio sources to feed into a mixer, between two instruments, or as a simple cough-mute switch.

Another use for the Hotshot ABi is as a switch between two wireless receivers, for one-stomp backup. At town-hall-type meetings, the moderator can switch between two microphones in the house from behind the podium. Soundmen can reduce the number of channels needed onstage by assigning two alternately-used instruments to the same fader.

Built to take the abuse of professional use, the Hotshot ABi is a high-quality switcher that will give you years of service.

The Hotshot ABi can be used to switch between two microphones, two instruments, or any other two audio sources with one step on the pedal. You can also use it as a mute switch onstage or on the radio, to keep unwanted sounds out of the mix.
Built Like a Tank
With an enclosure of 14-gauge steel and super-secure construction, the Hotshot ABi can stand up to the pitfalls of live use and still give years of service.
UPC: 676101036356