Cad M179 Variable-Pattern Condenser Microphone

by CAD

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The M179 Variable-Pattern Condenser Microphone from CAD features a figure of eight polar pattern and a spacious and articulate omni polar pattern. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including studio vocals, voice-over, choir, orchestra, acoustic instrument, guitar cabinets, bass cabinets, strings, piano, and cymbals/overheads. The large diaphragm capsule is combined with algebraic phasing and a high-power transformerless drive to create a significant acoustical window. Additional features include a high-pass filter and an attenuator. The M179 includes a swivel mount, an elastic shock mount, and a carrying case. The microphone requires 24V or 48V of phantom power.

Variable Pattern
A variable pattern dial offers variations of omni-directional and figure 8 polar patterns.
20dB Pad Switch
A 20dB pad switch provides additional headroom and an SPL rating of 143dB.
High-Pass Filter
A user switchable high-pass filter eliminates noise and rumble below 100Hz.
Inclusive Package
Includes swivel mount, elastic shock mount, and carrying case.