by CAD

The e70 Modular Dual-Capsule Condenser Microphone from CAD features a versatile dual-capsule design, conveniently providing both omnidirectional and cardioid pickup patterns. The microphone can be used for capturing acoustic instruments, guitar cabinets, choir ensembles, piano, strings, and similar applications. The e70 also offers a two-position pad switch for -10 and -20 dB attenuation, avoiding peak noise distortion. There is a flat frequency response for a rich, natural sound and a high-pass filter for reducing low-frequency noise and hum. The e70 is suitable for both sound reinforcement and recording applications. The package includes an elastic shock mount, a stand clamp, and a windscreen.

Dual Capsule Design

The E70 features two capsules that provide cardioid and omnidirectional pick up patterns.
High-Pass Filter
The high-pass filter switch eliminates hum and noise at low-frequencies.
Two-Position Pad Switch
The two-position pad attenuates audio at -10 and -20 dB.