Boss Gt-100 Cosm Amp Effects Processor

by Boss

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Bring along a fully professional guitar setup without breaking your back; the BOSS GT-100 COSM Amp Effects Processor is a multi-effects unit containing a full library of amplifier and effects models to create big and expansive tones without having to lug a couple of 150 watt full-stacks around.

Advanced COSM (Composite Object Sound Modeling) amps model vintage classics and modern amps that deliver well-known and never-before-heard tones. The effects selection includes overdrives, distortions, mods, delays, reverbs, and more modeled from BOSS and other famous manufacturers. Despite all the advanced functionality available, the BOSS GT-100 has an intuitive user interface with dual screens and 8 knobs, precluding the need for menu-diving for tone adjustments.

For extended real-time control over the GT-100's 400 possible patches (200 presets + 200 user custom patches) extra footswitches or an expression pedal can be added. Use the onboard monophonic Guitar-to-MIDI conversion to drive synths and notation software. Control over MIDI is also available. A USB connection provides a direct digital connection to a computer for direct recording to your DAW and transfer of patches to the BOSS Tone Studio software (Firmware Version 2.0 Required). Patches can be shared with and downloaded from BOSS Tone Central online.

Comp, Preamp*, OD/DS*, EQ, FX1/FX2*, Delay, Chorus, Reverb, Pedal FX, NS1/NS2, Accel FX
*Newly Added Features (Version 2.0)

Preamp: Natural Clean, Full Range, Combo Crunch, Stack Crunch, HiGain Stack, Power Drive, Extreme Lead, Core Metal, JC-120, Clean Twin, Pro Crunch, Tweed, Deluxe Crunch, Vo Drive, Vo Lead, Match Drive, BG Lead, BG Drive, MS1959 I, MS1959 I+II, R-Fier Vintage, R-Fier Modern, T-Amp Lead, SLDN, 5150 Drive, BGNR UB Metal, ORNG Rock Reverb, Custom

OD/DS: Mid Boost, Clean Boost, Treble Boost, Crunch, Natural OD, Warm OD, Fat DS, Lead DS, Metal DS, Oct Fuzz, A-Dist, Blues OD, OD-1, T-Scream, Turbo OD, Dist, RAT, Guv DS, DST+, Metal Zone, '60s Fuzz, Muff Face, Custom

FX1/FX2: T. Wah, Auto Wah, Sub Wah, Adv. Comp, Limiter, Sub OD/DS, Graphic EQ, Para EQ, Tone Modify, Guitar Sim., Ac. Guitar Sim., Slow Gear, Defretter, Wave Synth, Sitar Sim., Octave, Pitch Shifter, Harmonist, Overtone, Sound Hold, Ac. Processor, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo, Rotary 1, Rotary 2, Uni-V, Pan, Slicer, Vibrato, Ring Mod, Humanizer, 2x2 Chorus, Sub Delay, Tera Echo

Note: Some sounds available only with the latest firmware version.

Intuitive User Interface
The GT-100's dual-LCD and eight-knob user interface provides fast access and intuitive control. There are no menus to navigate; every function is instantly available. The tone-customizing functionality has been improved as well—all patches, amps, and overdrives/distortions can be created from scratch and/or customized with the friendly graphical Tone Grid.
Accel Pedal
The Accel pedal enables control of multiple parameters simultaneously, as well as time-variant effects such as Feedbacker, S-Bend, Twist, and more. Experiment with creative combinations of parameters and bring dynamic new sounds to your performances by simultaneously manipulating multiple effects in real time. 
A/B Channel Divider Function
The A/B Channel Divider lets you assign different amps and effects to one of two channels, either for blending together or switching between them with a footswitch. Going even further, you also have the ability to switch channels by playing strength or frequency range. With each channel capable of driving its own effects and amps settings, the range of tones gets wider. You can assign smooth, mild lead tones to the mid-to-high pitches, for example, and heavy, cutting tones to the lower notes—something not possible with a conventional guitar and amp setup.
BOSS Tone Studio
Available as a free download for Mac or Windows, BOSS Tone Studio gives you an intuitive graphical interface for creating and editing GT-100 effects patches from your computer via USB. The software also makes it easy to organize and archive patches, and to load them as needed for different gigs and recording sessions. If your computer has Internet access, BOSS Tone Studio provides an integrated connection to the BOSS Tone Central website, where you can preview and download gig-ready patches created by top guitar pros directly into the GT-100.
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