by Boss

Bring on the funk with the AW-3 Dynamic Wah Pedal from BOSS. By itself as a stompbox, the AW-3 functions like an auto-wah. Set the rate and let the funk begin. For easy tempo changes, the tap-tempo mode allows you to use the footswitch to tap out the desired tempo, and the AW-3 will follow. The AW-3 also functions dynamically, like an envelope filter, using the level of your guitar's signal to modulate the "position" of the wah. Funk and fusion players like guitarists Guthrie Govan and bassist Bootsy Collins have used this type of sound to great rhythmic effect. It was also an integral part of Jerry Garcia's signature guitar sound. Some players like the filtered sound of a cocked wah on their guitar tone. The dynamic wah can be set to a specific position along the wah's travel and will remain there when switched off. This precludes the trouble of selecting the correct position with a standard wah treadle every time you turn it on. Aside from the classic wah tones, the AW-3 also has a "Humanizer" mode which adds a simulated vocal "vowel" sound to your guitar's tone. The vowel changes as you pick. Also on the AW-3 is a separate input optimized for the frequencies produced by bass guitars.