Beyerdynamic Mmx 300 Premium Multimedia Headset


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Originally it was developed as a headset for private aviation and subsequently it was perfected and adapted to the special requirements for excessive gaming sessions.


The MMX 300 provides a natural and detailed sound. The online gamers can hear approaching attackers early and locate their positions precisely. Not only virtual game worlds are absolutely real play: With its balanced sound it can be recommended as a true multimedia headset for watching movies and listening to music. 


Online gamers especially appreciate the excellent speech intelligibility of the MMX 300 headset. In battles the team communication is of crucial importance. The integrated microphone provides optimal conditions and simultaneously suppresses disturbing background noise such as noise caused by the PC fan or keyboard. In addition, the headset is suitable for music recordings, Let's Plays or podcasts.


The flexible headband construction allows tireless gaming or listening to music for hours. With the supple ear pads even spectacle wearers enjoy the best comfort without feeling pressure. In addition, both the ear pads and the headband pad are replaceable to ensure years of audio enjoyment.

UPC: 485918002269