by Audix

The Audix OM11 is a re-issue of the original OM1 dynamic handheld microphone. A standard for live sound reinforcement, the OM11 features a hyper-cardioid polar pattern which is effective in minimizing residual ambiance and feedback caused by nearby monitors and speakers. A wide, linear frequency response enables accurate sonic reproduction of vocals and instruments. The rugged all brass construction allows the OM11 to withstand the rigors of use on the road.



  • Designed specifically for pro touring
  • Delivers a clear, natural and undistorted sound even under the most critical concert conditions
  • Features a "controlled low-gain output stage" resulting in significantly higher gain before feedback
  • Durable zinc alloy construction and electronically blast filter with black E-coat finish
  • Exclusive low-gain VLM capsule for most natural