by Audix

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The Audix FireBall is a dynamic microphone primarily designed for close capturing of harmonica, vocals and other instruments that produce high Sound Pressure Levels (SPL). In addition to harmonica the FireBall is also ideal for capturing brass and woodwinds. The tight cardioid polar pattern rejects noise and off-axis audio at the sides of the capsule, minimizing noise and feed-back. The 50Hz to 15kHz frequency response provides excellent detail and accuracy while minimizing low frequency noise. The round, handheld design allows the user to hold the microphone close while applying a cupping technique with the other hand.


Tailored For Chromatic and Diatonic Signals
  • Primarily designed for harmonica, the FireBall excels in capturing both, chromatic and diatonic instruments.
High SPL Handling
  • The FireBall is capable for reproducing signal up to 140dB SPL without distortion.
Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • The tight cardioid polar pattern provides exceptional rejection of ambiance and off-axis signal.
Transformerless Design
  • The transformerless design and balanced output provide interference free capturing even at long cable runs.