The Audio-Technica AT2022 X/Y Stereo Microphone is designed to capture instruments, ambiance, vocals and performances in stereo. There are two cardioid swiveling capsules that can fold flat for storage and transportation. Easily position the capsules to allow for narrow or wide stereo operation. A low frequency roll-off switch minimizes noise due to proximity effect, ambiance, wind and more. The AT2022 is battery operated (only) and includes a cable, stand clamp and windscreen.

X/Y stereo microphone with unique pivoting electret condenser capsules for ultimate flexibility
Provides the spatial impact and realism of a live sound field
Battery operation allows use with most recording devices
Switchable low-frequency roll-off minimizes pickup of unwanted low-frequency noise
User-selectable 90° or 120° stereo operation for narrow or wide pickup patterns
Ideal for general stereo recording and field sound capture
Excellent channel separation
Included fuzzy windscreen offers excellent wind protection