Ashly Pema 8250D 8-Channel 2000W Pema Network Power Amplifier

by Ashly


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Ashly PEMA 8250D overview


The 8-Channel 2000W Pema Network Power Amplifier from Ashly consists of eight inputs and eight power amplifier outputs with the ability to assign any input to any output. The amplifier features pre-installed OPDante network audio interface card and the Protea DSP Software Suite. When switched into bridged-mono mode, eight powered outputs deliver 150W into an 8 ohms load, 250W into an 4 ohms load, and channel pairs can be bridged for 500W into an 8 ohms load.

The power amplifier includes Euroblock input connectors and Euroblock output connectors. Besides remote standby for power up, DC remote level control, and contact closure preset recall, the amplifier also features Ethernet control, level, mute, polarity, temperature, current, and amplifier over current conditions. The front panel indicates power status, standby, protect, power switch On/Off, signal level, bridge, temperature & current levels, and Ethernet communication. A temperature dependent speed-controlled axial fan shall maintain the correct operating temperature. Full programming and control of the unit is from the rear panel RJ-45 jack connected to a 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN connected to a PC running the Protea Software. The amplifier mounts in a standard 19” rack using two spaces (3.5” high).

The power amplifier has an internal factory-installed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) controlled using the Protea Software Suite (network-enabled). Each amplifier input channel can be configured with pluggable DSP blocks to have its own dynamics control, gain functions, graphic and/or parametric EQ, Hi-pass/Lo-pass filters, time delay, metering, and test signal generator. Hot-plug DSP placement allows you to insert any function into any channel block, even when running live audio. A mixer section with assignable routing allows any input to drive any or all amplifier outputs. The matrix mixer also has selectable gain sharing automatic mixing capability. Outputs have the same DSP functions as inputs, with the addition of a quick and automated crossover setup. Up to 30 presets shall be standard and four presets shall be accessible via contact closure using the Protea Software Suite.


Low-Z (4 and 8 ohms)
8x8 DSP matrix with 8-channel power amplifier
OPDante network audio interface
FIR Filter capable
Eight built-in mic preamps
Gain sharing automatic mixing capability
Automatic feedback suppression
Ambient noise compensation
Telephone/PBX input
Dual RCA and balanced Euroblock inputs
Post DSP Aux line level outputs
Stereo summed to mono
Event scheduling (RTC)
Adjustable HP/LP filters
Built-in pink/white noise & sine wave generator
Protea DSP software suite
Hot-plug DSP placement
15V phantom power for mic inputs
Full control using software over 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
Automatic DHCP network IP configuration
Euroblock connectors for preset recall, DC remote level control, and serial data control
External control via standard wall remotes, Ethernet wall remotes, Remote iPad app
Level control via variable DC control voltage
Stand-by mode activation via contact closure
Multi-level security
UPC: 694970640764