Ashly Ne4250Pe 4-Channel Network Enabled Amplifier With Protea Dsp 4 X 250W @ 4 Ohms

by Ashly

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Ashly ne4250pe overview


The ne4250 4-Channel Network Enabled Amplifier with ProTea DSP from Ashly is a professional-quality 4-channel power amplifier with Ethernet capability designed for installed applications. Additionally, it features Ashly's ProTea DSP processing for both its 4-channel microphone input and output. The amp is also equipped with a CobraNet digital interface, for integration into CobraNet systems.

Housed in a robust 2RU enclosure, this highly-efficient amplifier uses standard Euroblock input and output connectors, allowing it to connect to practically any 4 or 8 Ohm system.

The ne4250 has an Ethernet port, which offers Ethernet control and monitoring of the amplifier functions using the Proteane software. It also has a normal/bridge switch, allowing you to switch the amplifier into Bridge Mode. Other features include a wide complement of protection circuitry, remote level control, and the ability to expand the unit's capability via optional expansion modules.


Professional Quality
The rugged 2RU enclosure fits in any standard equipment rack
The amplifier provides 4 channels of audio I/O
Ethernet Control
The built-in Ethernet port gives you the ability to control and monitor amplifier functions over a network using the Proteane software
Standard Euroblock input and output connectors provide wide compatibility with 4 and 8 Ohm systems
Bridge Mode
The amplifier can be switched between Normal and Bridge modes if desired
Protection Circuitry
Built-in protection circuitry guards against damage from overheating and overcurrent
LED Displays
Multiple LED displays show the status of signal, power, standby, protect, power switch disable, and comm activity
Remote Features
In addition to software control, the amplifier also has connections for remote standby and remote level control
Optional Expansion
Multiple expansion modules are available for adding additional functionality, such as DSP, AES/EBU connectivity, mic inputs, or CobraNet networking
UPC: 694970527331