Ashly Mx-508 Stereo Microphone Mixer

by Ashly

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Ashly MX508 overview


The Ashly MX-508 is a full featured stereo audio mixer designed for recording and sound reinforcement applications. The MX-508 features 8 channels with stereo 1/4" TRS line level inputs on each channel. In addition every channel features balanced 3-pin XLR microphone inputs with globally switched +48V phantom power.


Send & Return inserts are located on every channel enabling signal to be routed to external processors, monitor mixers, recorders, etc. Two Stereo Aux sends provide additional routing for effects processors. Transformer balanced XLR stereo main outputs provide the highest possible output gain with minimal noise floor. Secondary transformer-less, 1/4" phone outputs provide additional stereo output when necessary. Sub I/O's allow cascading multiple mixers. A 3-band EQ with sweepable mid range is provided on every channel. The MX-508 is designed in a rack mountable enclosure for easy transport and storage.

8 Stereo Channels
The MX-508 is a true stereo mixer featuring 8 1/4" TRS Phone inputs with panning control on each channel.
8 Balanced Microphone Inputs
In addition to line inputs, the MX-508 features XLR microphone inputs on every channel. Each channel is individually switchable between microphone and line level signal.
Inserts On All Channels
All channels feature send and return inserts, enabling signal routing to external signal processors, monitors etc.
Sweepable EQ Section
A 3-band EQ section with sweepable mid range is featured on every channel.
Transformer Balanced Output
The main outputs feature transformer balanced XLR connectors. Transformer balancing provides high output gain with minimal noise floor.
Sub Input & Output
Stereo Sub input and outputs feature stereo 1/4" TRS phone connections and route signal pre-master fader. The Sub I/O's are ideal for linking multiple mixers.
Mono Output
A 1/4" phone, summed mono output is provided for added flexibility.
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