Art Ps8-Ii Power Sequencer

by Art

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This is an ART PS8-PRO Power Sequencer, with power cable, no box, manual, or accessories, used, in very good condition. There's some cosmetic wear on it (scuffs, scratches, please see pictures). Use it to condition your power and sequence the power-up and power-down order of your devices. 

From the PS8-PRO manual: 

The PS8 PRO provides controlled power sequencing to 8 rear AC outlets. Each output is delayed by a fixed amount that is determined by the front panel Sequence Delay control. This allows you to control the power up and down sequence in a system to minimize turn-ontransients and the damage that they may cause. Sequencing power on also smooths out inrush currents. Remote switching is also provided for via a rear mounted Remote connector, handy when you want to keep noisy or hot equipment in one room and control power remotely.

The PS8 PRO is also a full-featured power conditioner with Advanced Power Filtering, fast acting breaker, EMI and RFI filtering, as well as surge and spike protection to protect your system. Additionally, a front panel LCD display gives you a constant read of AC line voltage and load current as well as a built in system clock. The PS8 PRO is designed to sequence and protect a wide range of equipment from sensitive tube preamps to powered speakers, large displays, or digital systems. Your equipment will sound and work better and live longer.

  • Adjustable sequence delay range from 0.5 to 2.0 seconds per output step
  • 8 individually sequenced outputs with front panel LED indicators for each
  • Rear mount remote control terminal block for remote sequence control
  • LCD display of AC line voltage, total load current, time (clock)
  • Front panel unswitched and unregulated output
  • 1800 Watt total power capacity
  • Front panel master breaker and power switch
  • EMI and RFI filtering
  • Surge and Spike Protection
UPC: 840402042938