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Route Package Protection:

A summary of the Route Policy (Route’s cargo insurance policy) can be found at Route Shipping Protection is subject to and strictly limited by the terms of the Route Policy.

In order for Route to extend shipping protection to a consumer, Route’s licensed producer (Safe Order Solutions, LLC) procures a cargo insurance policy via authorized insurance underwriters (“the Underwriters”) and the Underwriters designate Route as the named insured. The Policy extends coverage to online purchases that are lost or damaged while in transit or “porch pirated” (meaning the carrier reports the status as “delivered” but the parcel has been stolen from the delivery address and a police report has been filed) where the transportation of such purchases is tracked through Route. Route’s offer of shipping protection is not intended to provide insurance to You or Your customers directly, and neither You nor Your customers are an insured or an additional insured under the Policy (the foregoing being, collectively, “Route Shipping Protection”).

Merchants cannot file a claim on behalf of a customer unless specifically requested by that customer. Route may require evidence of the customer’s request before processing the claim.

As a merchant, upon addition of Your billing information to Your Route Account, a widget will go live on Your website. Route reserves the right to change its pricing at any time. If Your customers opt into Route Shipping Protection, this charge will appear for such customers to review and verify at checkout. The Route Platform may, from time to time at Route’s sole discretion, test cost variances to identify the optimal conversion rate. Upon Your agreement to these Terms, the Route Platform and access to the Policy will be activated on Your site.

As a customer of a merchant that offers Route Shipping Protection, Your election to add packages to the Route Policy is entirely optional. You have the option of obtaining protection from an alternative source or not at all.

If You elect to add packages to the Route Policy, Route will provide You with a link to a summary of the Route Policy and instructions to file a notice of loss. The Policy does not cover the following without a specific written amendment from Route (collectively the “Policy Exclusions”):

Automobiles and Motorcycle; Glass windows, plate glass and similar goods; Bagged Goods; Jewelry (valued in excess of $1500); Boats & Yachts; Live Animals; Cass; Lumber; Ceramic, marble or granite tiles, slab blocks, countertops or statues; Negotiable Papers; Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products; Perishable Commodities; Computer memory modules & Cards; Pharmaceutical Drugs; Cotton; Precious Stones and Metals; Fine Arts (valued in excess of $10,000 per piece); Scrap Metal; Steel Metal and Steel Metal Products; Flowers; Securities; Fresh foods (excepting frozen beef and pork in refrigerated containers); Used Household Goods and Personal Effects.

Route is not liable for more than $250,000 for any one vessel or conveyance per any one account of the Assured, except that in the following cases, this insurance shall not cover more than: $5,000 any one package or shipment, $2,500 any one package or shipment containing a laptop or tablet computer, mobile/smart phone or watch (“Shipping Protection Limit”).

Any shipments that exceed Route’s Shipping Protection Limit will not be covered by Route Shipping Protection. If for any reason payments are billed/collected for shipments that exceed the Shipping Protection Limit, the excess amount will be returned to the subscriber. Route Shipping Protection attaches from the time the covered goods commence transit and/or are located anywhere incidental to transit and continues during the ordinary course of transit until transportation terminates at final destination or the assured’s interest ceases, whichever occurs first.

All fees paid for the Services are non-refundable and non-transferable except as may be expressly provided in these Terms. You may cancel the Services at any time at no charge simply uninstall the Services You no longer want to use, and Route will cease providing the Services to You.

Claims for packages marked “delivered must be filed after 5 days and before 15 days from the date the package was marked “delivered.”

Claims for packages presumed to be lost (where the status is not “delivered”) must be filed after 7 days (20 for international) and within 30 days from the last checkpoint.

Should the claim be approved by the Underwriters, it will be deemed to be in full settlement and satisfaction of all claims and demands by the customer (inclusive of individual consumers and merchants, the “Claimant”). In consideration of this payment, the Claimant does hereby release and discharge the Underwriters, Route, and each of their respective principals, executives, agents, employees, representatives, successors, assigns, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies, from any and all further claims existing and/or arising in the future relating to the above-referenced merchandise.

The Claimant further guarantees that it is the person or entity entitled to payment and agrees that Underwriters are subrogated to all of the claimant’s rights of recovery on account of any and all loss or damage from the carriers and from any other persons or corporations. The Claimant agrees to cooperate with and to assist the Underwriters and Route in effecting such recovery, to include providing all documentation or other information which may be needed by Underwriters and/or Route; and to execute in the customer’s name any documents which may be necessary to carry into effect the purpose of this agreement.

In exchange for this claim payment, the Claimant agrees that any monies collected from any such carrier, vessel, person or corporation, whether received in the first instance by the Claimant or by the Underwriters or Route, shall be the property of Underwriters; and that the acceptance of this claim payment shall not prejudice or take away any rights or remedies which Underwriters would otherwise have by virtue of such payment.

  1. Replacing the Claimant’s lost or damaged item(s) through Route’s re-order of the identical item(s) that had been previously purchased. The replacement of the item shall cover sales tax and shipping costs but shall exclude the cost of purchasing Route+.
  2. Refunding to the Claimant, the cost of the original merchandise (invoice) but excluding sales tax, shipping costs, and the cost of purchasing Route+.

The Underwriter shall approve that the merchandise be either replaced or refunded based on the sole advisement of Route, which is based on its agreement with its Merchant partners. Both replacement and refund options are part of the Route Policy Terms & Conditions and have been agreed as such.

Route+ Package Protection or other shipping protection is not included with any other Route product or service and does not extend shipping protection to orders, shipments, or merchandize other than as paid for by Subscriber or its customers on a per transaction basis under a current Route+ Package Protection subscription; Route is not otherwise liable for any losses, or reimbursement or reorder obligations, to Subscriber or its customers in respect of any orders, shipments, or merchandise.