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Heritage Audio Successor Stereo Bus Compressor

UPC: 750536937164 | SKU: SUCCESSOR

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Sold and Shipped by: Red One Music is a Canadian authorized Heritage Audio retailer.

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Designed for pro mixing applications, the Heritage Audio Successor is a stereo bus compressor that makes use of a diode bridge as the gain reduction circuit. This design was originally made famous by a certain renowned British company in the days before IC chips made VCA compression possible.

The diode-bridge circuit provides both dynamic control and a sweet, warm, and rich sound. Apply it to your entire stereo bus during the mix stage, or to instruments such as drums and guitars, groups of which can sometimes benefit from stereo compression.

Ratio, attack, release, and threshold are on hand, as is a sidechain-detection filter that goes beyond high-pass filters to let you target the midrange or the extreme high end. You can also input your own sidechain detector signal by means of the unbalanced 1/4" send/return inputs on the rear. When you've secured the amount of compression you desire across the mixer, raise the gain back up with the makeup gain knob, and then quickly a/b the processed and unprocessed signal with the dynamics button.

A blend knob is featured prominently on the right of the unit, making parallel compression a cinch. You can even compare parallel compression to the dry signal by pressing the Blend On button. Anything from a heavy, aggressive sound reminiscent of FET compressors to a more exacting, yet rich VCA sound is possible with the Successor, which takes up 1 RU of rackmount space.

Key Features at a Glance

  • True stereo operation on single controls with matched gain cells for precise left/right tracking 
  • Compression tracking works in Oxford mode (highest signal takes over compression opposed to summing left and right channels)
  • Carnhill-based, transformer-coupled balanced inputs and outputs 
  • ´73-style, Class A output stages 
  • Diode-bridge based compression adds 2nd-order harmonic saturation characteristics while eliminating nasty odd harmonic content
  • Ultra-fast attack and release time options for flexible settings, including FET-like sounds and volume maximizing without transient artifacts
  • Complex sidechain-filtering options alongside high-pass filters, introducing mid-band peak-type filters and high-frequency compression
  • Sidechain Send and Return connections allow for external sidechain signals or further external processing of the internal sidechain detection filter
  • Blend control offers built-in parallel compression without any external equipment. Blend On/Off button allows for instant comparison in between Wet and Dry signals