by Boss

Leveraging powerful DSP, BOSS applies their MDP (Multi-Dimensional Processing) technology to the BC-1X Bass Compressor Pedal for advanced multi-band compression in a standard stompbox. On the outside, the BC-1X features the standard BOSS chassis with an added reflective accenting and a real-time LED gain reduction readout on the control panel. While the adjustment options on this pedal are simple on the surface, with standard Threshold, Ratio, Release, and Level knobs, each control makes many adjustments under the hood.

MDP (Multi-Dimensional Processing)

MDP analyzes playing dynamics and frequency information in real time to provide the best tone for each note played. Many standard compressors provide equal gain reduction for any given frequency, reducing dynamics, and compromising the feel and overall tone of your bass. The BC-1X's MDP provides multi-band compression which dynamically adjusts the amount of gain reduction applied based on frequency and the dynamics of your playing, allowing your tone and feel to be accurately reflected. This also means you can play in any register, and still retain natural tone and expression. Because of the digital processing, there is no residual noise affecting the circuit, and each control adjusts multiple internal compression parameters in order to keep your sound lively and musical. In order to provide the necessary headroom, this pedal runs at 18V internally, although it still accepts 9V batteries and the standard BOSS DC power supply.

Classic Boss Design

The BC-1X can run off of a single 9V battery or an optional external 9V DC power supply (the internal electronics perform a conversion to 18V for greater headroom). The electronics are encased in BOSS's iconic durable metal housing with a non-slip rubber base and the battery compartment can be easily accessed by unscrewing the thumbscrew at the front of the pedal. This pedal utilizes a buffered bypass for silent switching and driving long cable runs even while the pedal is disengaged.