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Monday, April 23, 2018



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  • RFX ABC904

    Route 3 Switcher

  • Rolls ADB2

    Active Direct Box with 9-48 V Phantom Power Support, Attenuator and Ground Lift Switches

  • Rolls CL151

    GLC Gate and Compressor/Limiter with Microphone Preamp and XLR or 1/4" Mic/Line Input

  • Rolls CPB7

    Smartphone Breakout Box

  • Rolls DA134

    4-Channel Distribution Amp

  • Rolls DB14

    Director Stereo Direct Box/Signal Separator with Individual Attenuator Controls, RCA I/O's and XLR Balanced Output

  • Rolls DB24

    Stereo Direct Interface

  • Rolls DB25b

    Passive Direct Box

  • Rolls GS76RL

    8-User Game Show Controller Set

  • Rolls HA204p

    The Rolls HA204p Portable 4-Channel Battery Operated Studio Reference Headphone Amplifier is a full frequency response, 4-channel headphone monitoring device designed for the recording studio or other professional applications like listening rooms and monitoring stations. Each output boasts 20 dB of clean channel gain.

    The HA204p Amplifier drives up to 4 pairs of stereo headphones for high-quality audio monitoring. The unit is intended for sound reinforcement, studio, choir, install, and other applications where a smaller size is desired without sacrificing audio quality.


    Inputs: 1/8" stereo TRS jack and dual RCA jack for connection to the stereo line-level signals to be monitored
    Outputs: Four 1/8" TRS stereo jacks for connection to headphones or earphones
    Channel Levels: Four knobs adjust the level of the indicated channel
    Rotary volume controls
    9V battery operated
    15 to 35 kHz frequency response
    VDC Power: Connects to the Rolls PS27s 15 VDC adapter
    Applications: Studio, live, broadcast
  • Rolls HA43-PRO

    The HA43 is for expanding or generating four additional headphone channels. It has a 1/4" TRS stereo input, four volume controls, four headphone outputs and is powered by an included AC adapter. The unit has a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, small size and is very easy to use.


    Four stereo headphone distribution amplifier
    Four output level controls
    Small footprint makes the unit easy to use in different situations
    Extremely low noise
  • Rolls HE18

    Buzz Off 2-Channel Hum and Buzz Remover


Grid  List 

Items 1 to 12 of 30 total

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