Storm Sparkular W Flight Case Pair Csa Approved Csa Approved Cold Spark Effect



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First in Canada, CSA APPROVED:

Legally approved by Canadian law to be operated indoor without danger. PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE THIS PRODUCT TO ANY OTHER NON-CSA APPROVED SPARKULAR PRODUCT



Fireworks displays are an incredible way to entertain people. There are plenty of fireworks available on the marketplace, though they don’t always allow you to create the show that you desire. If you were to simply purchase fireworks, it would be impossible to set them to music

With the cold spark fireworks simulator machine from STORM– Xstatic Lighting, you can create spectacular indoor displays for such events as:

​Holiday celebrations
Parties of all types
Business launches
Weddings & Receptions
Indoor concerts.

One of the main reasons people choose our machines is that they don’t produce any smoke or odor. This is almost unheard of within the pyrotechnics industry because these two things are always happening with fireworks. Our sleek design is self-contained inside of a small metal box. It is also self-cleaning, so there is no mess afterwards.​

You have the ability to control the height and duration of the sparkler display, as well. This makes it safe to use indoors so that you don’t have to worry about fires. It’s completely safe, complete with a precautionary safety shutoff feature.  Plus, the effect is only 62 degrees, a cold fireworks display!

Once you get these machines for yourself, you will be amazed with the possibilities.  This could be the single thing that makes you stand out in your market, and something we stand behind 100%.

You have likely seen fireworks displays that are awe inspiring. You likely have probably also seen fireworks displays that are not very impressive because there is either not enough height or not enough synchronization between the bursts. We change all of this. Each unit has a fill for the combustible powder which can last up to 15 minutes of total effect time. There are controls that allow you to adjust the settings, coordinate with LED lighting, change the height of bursts, and more. Want it set to music so you can have the bursts follow the crescendo of the music?  Just integrate the machines into your DMX controlled show.  Connecting with the music makes the audience immerse in the effect.  ​

A fireworks display that is synchronized to the music is something that everyone will be talking about. It is not something that is seen very often, and this is because it is extremely difficult to organize – unless you have the right tools. At Music Red One, we bundle all of the tools in one convenient, easy to setup, lightweight box. This is unlike anything you have ever seen before, and this is why we will become such a popular choice within the marketplace.

You choose the music that you want. Use your favorite DMX program to determine how you want everything to go off, and it will make it that much easier to work with fireworks effects.

You can control multiple units with our wireless remote system. These can be set up in circles, at different heights, and so much more to give you the impressive show you have always wanted. Whether you are launching fireworks at a concert, a festival, or even a birthday party, the functions are completely customizable.

You don’t have to have a degree in pyrotechnics in order to use the STORM machines. We have made it easy to create fireworks effects without the dangers. Our equipment is environmentally friendly and very safe.

Up to 15 minutes of special effects can be created from a single powder refill. If you only want to create five minutes of the effects, the remaining powder will stay inside the box so that it is ready for the next time you want to create a stunning display.  Displays should be programmed in short bursts to allow cooling time between effects.

This type of display is a great way to entertain and wow people. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming and at Music Red One we make it easy!​