Radial Tonebone Twinline Fx Router For Two Guitar Amplifiers

by Radial

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The Twinline FX Router from Radial Engineering allows you to use your entire pedalboard of effects with two different guitar amps at the same time. The Twinline begins with two effects loop connections for the two amps, each of which is equipped with send and return 1/4” jacks along with individual send and return level controls plus a polarity reverse to ensure the amps and pedals are in phase with each other.

A third send and receive effects loop is then used to connect to the pedalboard using 1/4” hi-Z jacks or balanced low-Z XLRs for use with studio-grade professional line-level effects. Switching between the loop may be performed using the front panel A/B switch or via the optional JR2 remote control footswitch (available separately).

UPC: 676101040605