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StudioLive Active coaxial PA systems with the accuracy of huge studio monitors but driven with irresponsibly high power, plus sophisticated networking and iPad control. Your live mixes never sounded this good!

3-way active loudspeakers combine high power and advanced coaxial configuration with the most powerful DSP engine ever built into a compact PA system. Through seamlessly integrated software, StudioLive AI speakers can be set up, adjusted and continuously monitored via wired or wireless remote control using Windows®, OS X® or iPad®. Tuned by master speaker designer Dave Gunness using Fulcrum Acoustic’s trade-marked Temporal Equalization™ algorithms. Previously possible only using powerful outboard rack processors, TQ™ is used to manage horn reflections, linear time and amplitude anomalies correction, performance contouring, and dynamic and excursion limiting.

  • Main Components
    • Unique coaxial design integrates a custom-designed, 8-inch, ferrite midrange driver and 1.75-inch titanium compression driver with Temporal Equalization™ and Coaxial Speaker Coherence Alignment
    • 15-inch, custom-designed, ferrite, low-frequency transducer
      • 2,000 watt, triamped, Class D amplification
      • LF 2x500 watts / 1x1,000 watts
      • MF 1x500 watts
      • HF 1x500 watts
    • Active Integration 32-bit, 96 kHz DSP with more processing power than three rack speaker processors
    • 32-bit floating-point DSP with asymmetric three-way crossover, Temporal Equalization™ for horn reflection, linear time- and amplitude-anomalies correction, performance contouring, dynamic limiting, and excursion limiting
    • XMAX™ Class A mic preamp with 12V phantom power
    • Universal Switch mode power supply with power-factor correction
  • Controls and Networking
    • 4 operation modes optimized for:
      • Normal — live front-of-house
      • MP3 — music playback
      • Floor Monitor — stage wedge
      • User — customizable preset
    • Line-level input with attenuation
    • Speaker-attenuation control
    • Balanced XLR Mix output
    • External Subwoofer mode activates a low-cut filter and alignment delay for combining StudioLive 18sAI subwoofer with 315AI in a true 4-way system
  • Convenience Features
    • Comfortable, ergonomic handles
    • Integrated M10 fly points and pole mounts
    • Ships with Ethernet connection for wired control