Ddrum Reflex Elt 522 Tbk Ddrum Reflex Elt 522 Tbk -Piece Drum Shell Pack Trans Black Lacquer

by Ddrum

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New for 2017, drum introduces the Reflex Elite in a trans black lacquer finish. Reflex shells are crafted from 100% alder, a hardwood commonly used in guitar building, and first introduced as a relevant drum shell material by drum. Alder has a naturally balanced sonic characteristic, which emphasizes mid and low-end frequencies that provides both pristine clarity and enhanced tuning versatility. Reflex series drums are equipped with solid brass faceoff lugs, bass drum isolates for maximum low end, and fix pitch suspension mounts, for cleaner pitch, better projection, and superior tone. The reflex select series comes in three core configurations. Matching add-on drums are also available.

UPC: 814064029743