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The DD-3 from BOSS is a compact digital delay effects pedal for guitar. It enables you to create different effects by delaying your guitar's signal between 12.5 - 800ms. It's a great tool for adding ambience, and for discovering creative new means of expression.

The DD-3 runs on a standard 9 volt battery, or on an optional PSA-series power adapter. It features a 1/4" input, and two 1/4" outputs. One output features the DD-3's delay effects when engaged, and the direct out features just the instrument's dry signal with no effect applied. This is useful when you want to pass your instrument's signal on to another amplifier without the delay effect.

Provides 3 delay time modes and a Delay Time control for quick adjustment of exact delay time between 12.5 - 800ms
Hold function repeats delay sound indefinitely for interesting effects

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