Boss Db-60 Dr Beat Metronome

by Boss


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The DB-60 Dr. Beat from BOSS is a portable metronome with twenty-three beat variations and 20 dance patterns. It can be used as a simple timekeeper for applications such as sight-reading, ensemble playing, rehearsals, and more. The DB-60 features a variety of rhythmic patterns and time feels to practice along with including a note mixing function that lets you create new rhythms. You can adjust the output level of the first accent note and four different beats, and then combine them to create a new rhythm. In addition, the DB-60 lets you store the metronome and rhythm pattern settings and call them up based on your practicing routine. Set the length of your practice sessions by using the Timer and Stopwatch functions. It features an LCD backlit display and two bright LED lights that visually assist you during your practice sessions.

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