Beyerdynamic Mc 837 Long Condenser Shotgun Microphone



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The rugged and lightweight MC 837 shotgun microphone has been designed to meet the demands of ENG and EFP applications. Due to its acoustical characteristics it is also suited for film applications. The directional polar pattern helps to suppress lateral and background noise. The microphone operates according to the pressure gradient/line transducer technique. A switchable low frequency roll-off eliminates unwanted low frequencies at a cut-off frequency of 90 Hz. A fixed high pass filter avoids the transmission of noise below 40 Hz. To avoid wind noise when used in- or outdoors, a wind shield must be used. The microphone can be operated with a phantom power supply of 11 - 52 V.


  • Lobe/Cardioid polar pattern (MC 836)
  • Lobe polar pattern (MC 837)
  • Very wide frequency response
  • Low frequency roll-off switch
  • Phantom power supply 11 - 52 volts
UPC: 4010118448911