Audio-Technica W88-57-830 Pro 88W Vhf Wireless System T57171045 171845Mhz


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The Audio-Technica W88-57-830 Pro 88W VHF Wireless System (T57/171.045 & 171.845MHz) is designed for camcorder and other applications requiring a small, easily portable wireless. Equipped with a flexible detachable antenna and a choice of two transmitter and receiver frequencies on each system, the small and inconspicuous VHF wireless system will mount on the light shoe of camcorders or on the back of a camera itself with a Velcro attachment. For fixed installations, a 9V DC input is available on the receiver.


Provides freedom of movement for video production, computer applications and business presentations
Two switchable frequencies for interference-free operation
High-band VHF operation for superior sound
Normal operating range 100'; up to 300' under optimum conditions
Durable, flexible antenna can be positioned for best reception
Real-time monitoring capability with included earphone
Rugged design and construction with handsome non-reflective finish
Quick and reliable mounting system for camcorder use
Receiver and transmitter are each powered by a single 9V battery


Operating Frequencies T57/171.045 & 171.845MHz
Number of Channels 2
Modulation Mode FM
Receiver: Reception System FM Superheterodyne
Receiver: Reception Sensitivity 2 uV for 30 dB S/N
Receiver: Output Connector 1/8" (3.5 mm) TRS
Receiver: DC Input 9V DC (center-positive)
Receiver: Battery 9V alkaline (not included)
Receiver: Current Consumption 50 mA
Receiver: Battery Life 8 hours nominal
Transmitter: Modulation Frequency Modulation
Transmitter: Modulation Sensitivity 6 mV input for full deviation
Transmitter: Battery 9V alkaline (not included)
Transmitter: Current Consumption 50 mA
Transmitter: Battery Life 8 hours nominal
Dimensions (HxWxD) Receiver: 4.09x2.44x0.94" (104x62x24mm) 
Transmitter: 4.09x2.44x0.94" (104x62x24mm)
Weight Receiver: 3.5 oz (100 grams) 
Transmitter:2.8 oz (80 grams)
UPC: 042005402151