Ashly Pema 4125.10 4-Channel 100V Output Protea-Equipped Amplifier

by Ashly

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Ashly Pema 4125.10 4-Channel 100V output Protea-Equipped Media Amplifier

The Ashly pema Powered 4125 Processor is a powerful and flexible all-in-onesolution for routing and amplifying audio in multi-zone installations, houses-of-worship,retail spaces, restaurants, bars and much more. The pema series offers extensiveDSP control, making it virtual integrated PA solution "in a box".Simply connect the audio input sources and speakers and easily mix and routeaudio signal, control compression, gate, EQ, ducker parameters and much more.

There are 8 inputs and 8 outputs via Euroblock I/O and 8 built-in mic preamplifierswith phantom power. Both stereo and summed mono outputs are supplied and a dedicatedtelephone / PBX input is also standard. Pristine audio throughput is ensuredwith 24-bit A/D~D/A audio resolution and 96kHz or 48kHz sample rates supported.A wide array of control includes automatic feedback suppression, ambient noisecontrol, adjustable HP and LP filters and more.


  • 4-channel amplifier rated at 250 watts per channel
  • 100 Volts
  • 8-in x 8-out sophisticated matrix mixing
  • 8 built-in mic pre's
  • Gain sharing automatic microphone mixing
  • Automatic feedback suppression
  • Ambient noise compensation
  • Dedicated telephone/PBX input
  • Dual RCA and balanced euroblock inputs
  • Post DSP AUX line level outputs
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Automatic DHCP network IP configuration
  • Euroblock connectors for preset recall
UPC: 694970178199