by Art

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The ART TubeOpto 8 8-Channel Tube Preamp features 8 fully featured Class-A tube microphone preamps, ADAT lite-pipe 24-Bit digital I/O and 8 balanced analog outputs. There are two additional instrument inputs on the front, as well as Pad, low-frequency roll off, and phase switches for each channel. Also featured on every channel are input and output gain control dials for 70dB of clean gain with incredible sonic transparency, or for the tube stage to be dialed in for warming effects and soft clipping. The Art TubeOpto 8 is an ideal solution for adding quality mic-pres to your ART lite-pipe compatible digital recorder or DAW interface.

Eight Fully Featured Class-A Tube Mic Preamps
Eight Channels of ADAT lite-pipe Digital 24 Bit Audio I/O at 44.1 or 48kHz
Input Gain and Output Level Controls on Every Channel
Input Pad, Phase flip and Low Frequency Roll Off Switches on Every Channel
Two Additional Front Mounted High Impedance Instrument Line Inputs
Eight 1/4-inch TRS Balanced Outputs