by Art

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The SyncGen from ART is a Wordclock generator that provides a cost effective and simple way to improve the performance of a digital audio recording system. Its main strength lies in its ability to provide a centralized sample accurate time based reference, helping to eliminate the random pops and clicks that result from synchronization timing errors. Wordclock is available via four BNC connectors in addition to two "Digital Black" S/PDIF sources on RCA coaxial connectors. The unit can also function as a system tester by confirming the status of BNC Wordclock cables and terminations and can verify which pieces of gear are internally terminated. The SyncGen will also test proper cable connections to ensure total system accuracy.

Wordclock generator that provides stable and accurate time-based reference
Supports all standard sample rates up to 192kHz (no drop down)
Four high-current 5V BNC Wordclock outputs
Two "Zero Bit Digital Black" S/PDIF outputs on coaxial RCA connectors
LED indicators monitor termination and operating status of BNC outputs
Large, easy to read digital sample rate readout
Easy sample rate selection with memory recall after power-down cycle