by Ampeg

Boasting two channels and 14 tubes (five for the preamp, three for the driver, and six for power), the SVT-VR from Ampeg is a 300W amplifier head designed for electric bass, whose construction faithfully emulates the vintage Blue-Line SVT. The unit is outfitted with normal and bright inputs for each channel, Ampeg's proprietary Ultra Hi/Lo options, and multiple frequency possibilities via the on-board EQs. For your convenience, the standby and power switches are openly displayed on the front panel. Have a look at the rear panel and you'll see a variety of connection possibilities: two 1/4" outputs, one Neutrik speakON output, and a balanced XLR out, should you wish to port the head's sound directly into a mixer or PA (this option—complete with ground lift—is switchable, giving you the choice to bypass the amp's EQ). You'll also notice the ability to slave the unit to other amplifiers via a 1/4" output, or to feed other amplifiers by utilizing the preamp out. A polarity switch provides various positions to help zero out unwanted electrical buzz, while two bias controls allow you to gear the unit's replaceable tubes toward a long-lasting performance or a more hefty sound in the short term. Finally, an impedance selector switches between 2 and 4 ohms, thereby affording you more options in choice of cabinet.

  • 3-band EQ with midrange frequency selector for channel 1
  • Ampeg's proprietary Ultra Hi, Ultra Low, and bass cut for channel 1
  • 2-band EQ for channel 2
  • Bright and normal inputs for both channels
  • Slave out for powering another amp
  • Bias/Balance adjustment controls
  • Separate preamp connectivity via power amp in
  • Transformer-balanced XLR line out, switchable between pre- and post-EQ
  • 1/4" and Neutrik speakON outputs