Alesis Elevate 3 Pair Powered Desktop Studio Monitor Speakers 60 Watt Peak

by Alesis


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The Alesis Elevate 3 Studio Monitors are specifically designed for home or small studio use. By using an all wood and customized design along with its technical components, the product has a compact design that gives you natural and exceptional sound quality comparable to expensive studio monitors. Designed using the technology from the brand’s other products like M1 and Monitor 1, the Alesis upgrades your desktop or even your mobile device to a whole new level of audio/video experience. In terms of ease of use, the Elevate 3 Studio Monitors are convenient as there is a volume knob at the front.

  • Features the Directional Articulation technology for its baffles and waveguides
  • Has superb stereo imaging for small studio recording and reproduction
  • Audio amplifiers offer precision which is perfect not just doe desktop use but even for project studios and mobile devices.
  • Made out of dense wood for a fuller sound and complete range
  • Less edge diffractions with front baffles
  • Very convenient to use and features magnetic shielding for computer use


UPC: 694318014271