2Box Drumit 3 Universal Module

by 2BOX

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The DrumIt Three module has an open sound architecture and offers 15 independent trigger channels, 4 audio outs and 4 GB sound memory. 

The original DrumIt concept was a truly ground breaking and new sensation in electronic drums when introduced. 2Box has taken this technology one step further and presents the DrumIt Three module with Open Sound Architecture and Universal Trigger Interface. Based on the same technology as the DrumIt Five, the newly added Universal Trigger Interface allows the user to connect any kind of pad/trigger to the module. The new DrumIt Three complies with all popular major drum pad manufacturers' pads, including cymbals and hi-hats.

A cost-effective alternative to update your current e-drum kit, you can use the e-drum kit hardware you already have. Connect the module, tune in the trigger settings to your particular pad system and off you go, it's as simple as that.

Main Features

• 44,1 kHz Sample rate with 24 bit digital to analog converters
• 4 GB sound memory
• 15 universal trigger inputs configured as kick, snare with rim, 4 toms with rim, 1 Hi-hat and 3 cymbals
• 3-zone snare and cymbals are supported
• 4 Outputs
• Line In
• MIDI In/Out
• USB for transferring data
• Professional sounds made by famous drummers
• Sounds are multilayered (up to 128 layers) for unparalleled sound quality and playing feel
• Trigger and play along to loops - freely assignable to any trigger input
• Play along to WAV song files or metronome or connect your media player to the Line In socket
• Comes with the Kit- and Sound-Editor (Windows and Mac) to create own Kits and to download own sounds and loops
• Trigger inputs accept the majority of triggers based on Piezo- and switch technology*
vAdvanced control features enable triggering functions such as start/stop loops or metronome
• Switching Kits up and down are freely assignable to any of the 15 trigger inputs
• Multi plug AC power supply 100-240V

UPC: 7350044980848