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Sunday, February 25, 2018


Portable PA Speaker


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The STAGEMAN 80 is a multi-function portable PA amp that will meet your performance needs. With high-output, high-quality stereo speakers, it can be used as a live PA, and provides a recorder and audio player as well as a full-featured mixer. This unit also contains a large number of high-quality rhythm patterns that can respond to tempo change in realistic ways, due to KORG's new "Real Groove Technology." The STAGEMAN 80 can act as your personal drummer to support your live performances or practice sessions; you can even create a rhythm structure that's appropriate for your own song, while using a foot switch to control it in real time. The STAGEMAN 80 lets you perform with optimal sound backed by the ultimate rhythms.

  • A stereo 80W high-output system provides high-quality sounds
  • Rhythm machine function with excellent presence
  • Simple-to-use recording and playback functions
  • Mixer function that meets a variety of needs
  • Acoustage function for added spaciousness
  • Convenient tuner and metronome functions
  • Foot switch input for greater control during live performance
  • Flexibility for any performance location

Rhythm Function
Rhythm Styles
• 24 rhythm styles (8 Beat1, 8 Beat2, 8 Beat3, 8 Beat4 Shuffle, 8 Beat5, Unplug1 Cajon, Unplug2 Conga, Unplug3 Djembe, Oldies, Country1, Country2 Train Bt, Country3 3/4, Rock1, Rock2, Blues1, Blues2, 16 Beat1, 16 Beat2 Shuffle, 16 Beat3, Jazz1, Jazz2 3/4, Latin Jazz, Bossa, Samba)
• Two variations for each rhythm style
• Each variation has three patterns (basic, fill-in 1, fill-in 2)
Tempo: 48 - 240 bpm
Chain Function: 30 banks (up to 999 measures can be registered in each)

Recorder Function
Recording Format: PCM audio WAV format (file name extension .wav), 44.1 kHz, 16-bit
Recording Time: Depends on the SD card used; approximately 100 minutes per 1 GB
Maximum Continuous Recording Time: 3 hours
Number of Songs: Maximum 50
Number of Multi-Track Recordings: Depends on the remaining free capacity of the SD card
Undo/Redo: Once

Player Function
Playback Formats: PCM audio WAV format (file name extension .wav) 44.1 kHz, 16-bit, Stereo
Maximum Data Size (Time): Depends on the memory card used; approximately 100 minutes per 1 GB (for WAV data)
Maximum Number of Data Files (Number of Folders): Up to 99 songs (per folder); a total of eight folders M1M8 inside the PLAYER folder can be used
Playlist Function: 10 banks (up to 24 songs can be registered in each)

Mixer Effect Section
Effects: Reverb effect
Equalizer: BASS, TREBLE
Other: ACOUSTAGE (wide stereo effect)

Tuner Function
Scale: 2-note equal temperament
Type: Chromatic
Calibration: 435 - 445 Hz
Tuning Guide Tone: Three types (guitar, bass, piano)
Display: 7-segment four-digit LED


  • Input Jacks
  • - MIC IN Jack: XLR-3-32 type, input impedance 4.7 k-ohm, nominal level -43 dBV
  • -INPUT: 1 Jack, INPUT 2 Jack (Guitar, Bass)
  • 1/4" monaural phone jack, input impedance 1 M-ohm, nominal level -26 dBV
  • -AUX INPUT Jack: 1/8" stereo mini-phone jack, input impedance 10 k-ohm, nominal level -17 dBV
  • -FOOT SW Jack
  • 1/4" stereo phone jack, usable foot switch: VOX VFS5 foot switch
  • Output Jack
  • 1/8" stereo mini-phone jack, maximum level 0 dBV, 30 mW, 32 ohm
  • Power Amp Output: Maximum 40W x 2
  • Speakers: 4" 4Ω x 2
  • Power
  • Power Supply: DC 19V, six D batteries (alkaline or nickel-metal hydride are supported)
  • Battery Life: 
  • - Approximately 20 hours (when using alkaline batteries)
  • - Approximately 18 hours (when using nickel-metal hydride batteries)
  • *Varies depending on the batteries used and the conditions of use
  • Current consumption: 1.4 A
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)
  • With stand folded down: 398 x 242 x 231 mm / 15.67" x 9.53" x 9.09"
  • With stand extended: 398 x 310 x 285 mm / 15.67"x 12.20" x 11.22": Angle 26 degrees
  • Speaker stand mount diameter: 35 mm
  • Weight: 8.4 kg / 18.52 lbs (Excluding batteries)
  • Included Items: AC adapter (DC 19V), Card strap

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