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UPDATE: We are still accepting online orders!
UPDATE: We are still accepting online orders!
Ultimate Acoustics Studio Bundle Ii 24-Piece Acoustic Foam Bevels Amp Wedges
UPC: 784887178013

The charcoal Ultimate Acoustics Studio Bundle II provides 24 square feet of professional acoustic coverage, including 12 wedge-style panels and 12 bevel-style panels. The bundle includes adhesive squares for attaching the panels to the wall. Both styles of acoustic panels are 12 x 12" square and 2" thick. The acoustic foam is designed to help control troublesome mid to high frequencies, and the panels can be installed in a variety of patterns. Hang them as squares, diamonds, or any combination of both.
  • 12 bevel acoustic panels combined with 12 traditional acoustic panels in one kit
  • Reduce unwanted room reverberation
  • 24 pieces total
  • 12 x 12 x 2" panels can be applied to walls in a variety of patterns
  • Adhesive squares included