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UPDATE: We are still accepting online orders!
UPDATE: We are still accepting online orders!
Rane Mlm103 Mic And Line Mixer
UPC: 687499108983

The Rane MLM103 Mic / Line mixer features six balanced studio-grade microphone inputs, and two balanced stereo line-level inputs. The microphone preamplifiers feature direct outputs. These can monitor the signal ‘pre’ or ‘post’ the mix Level control via rear panel switches. Each microphone and stereo line input features three-band EQ and mix level controls. Input overload indicators are peak detecting and illuminate 4 dB before clipping. Three balanced outputs are provided. A and B outputs may be used as a stereo pair in a single zone or as two independent mono zones. The AUX output is mono. The MLM103 can be an intuitive 3-zone mixer. All connections are via Euroblock connectors.

Inputs 1 through 6 may be individually switched between Mic or Line level via rear panel switches. Inputs operate in Mic mode with a gain range of +12 dB to 60 dB. Each pair of Inputs may operate with or without 12 volt phantom power via rear panel switches. When Inputs are operated in Line mode, the gain range is -4 to 12 dB. When Line mode is selected, phantom power is defeated. Each Input may be assigned to the A, B or AUX Output.

Stereo Line Inputs 7 through 10 accommodate +24 dBu signal levels. The gain range is off to +12 dB. The A/B Assign switch for Inputs 7/8 assigns 7 to Output A and 8 to Output B. The A/B Assign switch for Inputs 9/10 assigns 9 to Output A and 10 to Output B. The Mono switch sends the sum of Inputs 7 and 8 (or 9 and 10) to buses A and B. Assigning 7/8 or 9/10 to AUX sends the sum of Input 7/8 (or 9/10) to the AUX Output.

The A, B and AUX Outputs feature independent level controls and 10-segment meters with peak hold. Each balanced Output provides an additional 6 dB of gain and delivers a minimum signal level of +24 dBu into a 10 kΩ load.

The MLM103 features a built-in high-efficiency, universal voltage power supply that can operate 100-240 VAC in almost any country in the world. A security cover for the EQ and Assign switches is included with the unit.



  • Six studio-grade mic preamplifier inputs with:
    • Mic or Line-level rear-panel switches
    • +12 volt phantom power rear-panel switches
    • Continuously variable gain trims
    • Direct Outputs (pre- or post- mix level)
    • A/B/AUX Assign front panel switches
    • Front panel input overload indicators
    • EQ & Assign switch security cover is included
  • Two balanced stereo line-level inputs with:
    • Mono switches
    • Three Zones: A / B / AUX Assign
    • Input Overload Indicators
  • A / B / AUX balanced outputs with:
    • Independent level controls
    • 10-segment meter with peak hold
  • Euroblock audio connections