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UPDATE: We are still accepting online orders!
UPDATE: We are still accepting online orders!
Rane Ge30 Single-Channel 13-Octave Equalizer
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The Rane GE 30 is a single-channel, 1/3-octave equalizer.
Housed in a two rack-space unit, the GE 30 features long throw,
60 mm high resolution slide controls on each filter band ensuring
good resolution over their entire range.
The operating mode of the GE 30 is either Boost/Cut, or by
pressing a button on the rear panel, may be Cut-Only. Another
pushbutton on the rear panel allows the operator to select Active
Balanced or Transformer Coupled balanced output.
The active filter sections of the GE 30 are of the constant
bandwidth (Constant-Q) variety. The bandwidth of each
individual filter is guaranteed to be narrow enough to prevent
unwarranted interaction between filters, yet wide enough to
produce exactly the type of correction curve demanded by even
the most unusual acoustic surroundings. The bandwidth has
also been carefully selected to ensure that two adjacent filters may be used to achieve curves with peaks in between the center frequencies of the filters (interpolating characteristic). This differs dramatically from conventional designs of the past. Earlier designs (dating back as far as 50 years) are encumbered with the unfortunate characteristic of changing bandwidth with changing boost/cut amounts. Front panel controls and indicators, aside from the 30 filter level controls include an overall Level control as well as Signal present and Overload indicators. Sweepable band-limiting filters are provided on the front panel, covering a range of 10 Hz to 250 Hz on the low end and 3.1 kHz to 40 kHz on the high end. The rear of the unit provides an XLR balanced input, an XLR balanced output and screw terminals duplicating both. See the RaneNote, “Constant-Q Graphic Equalizers” for additional details
• 1/3-Octave Constant-Q Bandwidth
• Interpolating Filter Response 
• Boost/Cut or Cut Only 
• Active or Transformer Balanced Output 
• Adjustable Low/High Filters 
• Power Failure Auto-Bypass 
• 60 mm Filter Slide Controls 
• Delayed (2 Second) Turn-On 
• XLR & Screw Terminal Connectors 
• Security Panel Included 
• UL/CSA Listed Remote Power Supply (120V) 
• CE (Low Voltage & EMC) Remote Power Supply (230V)